camphorwood 樟木

Camphorwood is an evergreen tree of angiosperm and camphoraceae with yellowish brown bark and irregular longitudinal cracks. It is mainly produced south of the Yangtze river and all over southwest China, such as sichuan and yunnan.In winter, the trees are chopped or sawed into pieces, dried or air-dried.Lumps of wood vary in size, with reddish-brown to dark-brown surfaces and visible growth rings in cross sections.Quality is heavy and hard.There is a strong camphor aroma, cool taste, spicy feeling.Wood with sweet camphor (small leaf camphor) the rarefaction, fragrance is full-bodied, prevent insect mothproof, drive mildew moistureproof effect is far better than other camphor wood, it is red camphor next, sassafras, big leaf sweet camphor.

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